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JSON Feed for Hugo

A new format syndaction format was introduced a couple of weeks ago called JSON Feed. It’s like RSS or Atom but it’s JSON instead of XML.

The 1.0 spec was released by Manton Reece and Brent Simmons. You can find all the required and available on the spec page.

Defining the spec in the easier part, now to make this the new standard it needs to be adopted by websites and feed readers. A feed reader was created by Maxime Vaillancourt. You can add your feed’s url to test it out.

I fully support this new format and hope it gets widely adopted. So here is how I added a JSON Feed to my Hugo blog.

First thing is to add the two lines in your config.toml file. This adds JSON as an Output Format for the homepage.

home = ["HTML", "RSS", "JSON"]

Then you simply need to add an index.json file at the root layouts folder.

You can check out my Github project.